Want to play a really cool slot and have a chance of winning millions? Most UK online casino sites offer now NetEnt jackpot games, including the two titles that this review is all about. These are NetEnt’s big boy jackpot games – Mega Fortune and its sequel – Dreams version. Both are available online and on mobile.

First things first, so let’s start with introducing Mega Fortune original slot. It is a glamorous 5-reel 25 pay line online jackpot slot game with the largest online pooled jackpot in the business. Not only at real money casinos licensed in UK, but also in the world. When you play Mega Fortune slots, the top prize exceeds one million at all times. If you are lucky, you can win over ten million pounds, which makes your jackpot win on this slot in the same class as when you win at lotto.

So, if you want to become rich by playing slots, try Mega Fortune – a game is designed to give you a taster of what it might be like to win the big prize. Not only does it have the Mega jackpot, but there are 2 smaller jackpots as well to aim for. As well as this it also has a Free Spin feature with a 5x multiplier.

How to Win on Mega Fortune

Play Mega Fortune for real money in order to get a chance of winning jackpot. Log in to your casino site and click on the game from your computer or mobile device. If you have received some free spins on this game, play them first and then you can start fighting for top prizes with the money you won.

The Base Game

The chances of winning anything worth noting on the base game is pretty minimal, so people play purely with the purpose of getting to those free spins and bonus rounds. Serious casino players will never play Mega Fortune slots, unless the jackpot has reached giant levels. They track the amount of current top prize by using services such as Jackpotgraphs. As soon as the jackpot is “hot”, they start giving this NetEnt slot a shot.

As the base game of Mega Fortune has very low RTP and low hit frequency, we at NetEnt.games do not recommend you to play any of the MF slots, if you are not into winning big jackpots. Note that playing this slot involves a high level of risk. Select Mega Fortune only if you are ready to lose a lot – just for getting a chance to win millions on slots.

The Free Spins Round

Like most NetEnt games, Mega Fortune has a Free Spins feature which is triggered by getting 3 or more of the champagne scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. When you have this, you then have to pick one of those champagne bottles, and you will be awarded with your free spins amount and multiplier.

Once you are in the Free Spins round, you play and watch wins come in. What’s more, whilst you’re there, should you get 2 or more champagne scatters, you will retrigger those spins, and this can go on indefinitely. You might not be able to win the jackpot this way, but you can win up to 200,000 coins, which isn’t too bad.

However, to get that, you need those Mega Fortune Wilds, which pay up to a huge 10,000 coins on their own. Unlike most slots where the Free Spins round is the ultimate feature, this isn’t what the Mega Fortune players are really after. They want that bonus round…

The Bonus Round

This is what you’re after if you want to hit the big time. If you find yourself landing the 3 or more bonus wheel of fortune symbols, you will be whisked away to the bonus round where you can play for the Mega jackpot, as well as the smaller ‘Major and ‘Rapid’ jackpots.

The jackpot game consists of 3 concentric ‘Wheels of Fortune’. The wheels spin when you play Mega Fortune, and you hit the stop button when you’re ready. The wheel then comes to a stop and a circle on the left shows the landing spot. If you land on a cash amount, you will win a certain coin value, but should you land on an arrow, you get to move on to the next wheel.

This process repeats on the next wheel. You either win the cash or land on an arrow that moves inwards. However, on the second reel the cash amounts are bigger, and the arrows are fewer. When you play the Mega Fortune bonus round, you could also hit the ‘Rapid’ jackpot on this wheel, which could win you a couple of thousand euros. If you get an arrow, you move on to the 3rd – and final reel.

This is where time stands still. Your heart rate will quicken when you play these wheel bonus rounds. There are other cash amounts to be won, including the ‘Major’ jackpot, which can be in the tens of thousands of euros. Then there is the big jewel studded arrow. The Mega jackpot. Hit the arrow and you may well win millions. The jackpot isn’t as rare as you may think. The Mega jackpot pays out every couple of months on average, and has created many millionaires already.

Mega Fortune Tips

But how can you maximise your chances of the big win on Mega Fortune online slot? Well experts would offer the following tips:

  • Firstly, play the maximum bet – the higher you bet, the bigger the chance.
  • Wait til the jackpot is big –it’s more likely to drop.
  • Play early in the morning (some high rollers swear by this…)

Obviously we at netent.games can neither confirm nor deny these tips – we can’t guarantee it, but if you’re looking for an advantage, this might just be it.

Mega Fortune Free Spins

No, not the Free Spin feature in the game, but the ‘free spins’ that online casinos give out to get you to play. Everyone loves a free spin deal from a casino, especially when they are offered on a jackpot slot such as Mega Fortune.

Many casinos give away free spins on the ‘cheaper’ slots, like Starburst to boost their ‘Welcome Offer’ packages, but some online casinos are really pushing the ‘yacht’ out with both deposit and no deposit free spins offers on Mega Fortune.

Currently Whitebet Casino is offering 20 no deposit free spins in sign up. However, there are certain times when these free spin offers become more prevalent, and that’s when the jackpot is higher than average and set to drop. This is when those casinos tempt you and this is great for getting new players, and a fantastic reward for the loyal players.

However, all that sparkles isn’t gold. Many times, these free spins have virtually impossible wagering requirements, so yes, you can play. However, getting those winnings out is nigh on impossible. Also, you cannot win the jackpot with free spins. Fact.

So, what’s the point in them then? Well, when you start to win real money from those free spins, you are then eligible to hit the jackpot, and that’s when you could win those millions. So, although ‘officially’ you can’t win the Mega jackpot on those free spins, if you win money during those free spins, you can win the jackpot with that – so it’s not a waste of time after all.

Mega Fortune Mobile

So does this grand game lose any of its grandeur in the mobile version? No, not really. The game itself works really well on mobile (Mega Fortune Touch). Whether it be played on iPad, iPhone or Android, it makes no real odds.

In fact, it would be pretty difficult to tell the difference between the mobile and online version. It is just as entertaining and just as exciting on the smaller screen as the large. Use your mobile to watch the champagne pop and the yacht float across the screen. With the game paying out over €8m to a mobile player last year, this really does have the right touch.

Mega Fortune Record Win – Where Dreams Come True

Mega Fortune is the home of record breaking jackpot wins. This game has been named in the Guinness World Records for the biggest progressive jackpot payouts. In 2011 the game paid out a whopping €11.7 million to take the record, but that was beaten – by itself – in 2013 when a Finnish player scooped a massive €17.8 million. Not only this, but the game also holds the record for the highest mobile jackpot payout, with €8.6m being won on Mega Fortune Touch.

Mega Fortune Dreams

Mega Fortune Dreams is the enhanced version that offers all the best of Mega Fortune original version and a bit more. It’s for the big hitters out there. Only some NetEnt casinos are allowed to have this sequel game in their portfolio. A special additional distribution agreement between UK casino operator and NetEnt is needed for providing this slot to the players. If you manage to find a UK brand with Mega Fortune Dreams, check the size of current jackpot. If it is higher than on the original game, select the sequel.

NetEnt have taken their big winner and created the delicious Mega Fortunes Dream. But how does it compare to the original? Well, both of the games are based around the theme of extreme luxury, but in different ways. In Mega Fortune, the symbols include limos, yachts, watches, whiskey and cigars, whereas in Mega Dreams Fortune it appears to be set on a millionaire’s island, with champagne, palm trees, and diamond rings.

Because Mega Fortune Dreams is the newer version, the graphics are somewhat more polished, a little more realistic, and it has smoother animations – so the game has a more modern feel. The soundtrack is much more laid back in Mega Fortune Dreams too, setting off the theme of luxuriating in a tropical paradise.

Feature wise, Mega Fortune only really offers the wild and scatter symbols as well as the bonus, which is standard on most games, but Mega Fortune Dreams builds on this, and also offers a re-spins which is triggered when the wild appears 3 times on the same payline. When this is triggered, the player gets one re-spin while the wilds stay.

The bonus games in both Mega Fortune jackpot slot games are very similar, consisting of a wheel of fortune that offers 3 progressive jackpot prizes. They work in the same way – you either land on a prize amount, jackpot or arrow, with the arrow taking you to the next round and onto the mega jackpot. Mega Fortune Dreams may be more polished, but both games offer a life changing win though, and that’s the main thing.