Some table games are designed exclusively for the online sector. One such game is a new release from NextGen Gaming casino game supplier. This real money table game is unique and is called Six Shooter. Not all great game ideas come from NetEnt, some are actually being created by their competitors. This is a perfect example.

The layout of Six Shooter is similar to a Craps table and the gamer plays against the croupier in this simple yet interesting dice game. The game play is simple with the player needing to match six dice which the croupier throws, with nine dice of his own. The faster he does that the better and more payouts are possible.

The game has good quality graphics, and the design is simple yet pleasing to the eye. All the game play takes place on the one screen, with the dice, the chips, and the amount bet all clearly labelled. Six Shooter is also similar to roulette in that the games is based on luck, but some strategy can be used while betting in order to minimise losses.


Play Six Shooter Online


Now let’s move forward and take a look into how you play Six Shooter. It is obvious that in order to gamble this casino game for real money, you have to register an account at gambling site online and deposit some funds first. Then it is all about following steps bellow.

The player needs to select the chip size and then confirm the bets that he needs to place. The bets can range anywhere between 0.10 and 200 Euros or Pounds, depending on your currency. When the game starts the croupier rolls his six blue dice and exposes the numbers on his dice. Now the player can do the same but in groups of three. The sooner matches happen between the blue dice of the croupier and the red dice of the player the better it is for the player. The payouts according to the rules of the game are as follows:

If the match happens in the first roll (the first set of three) then the payout is 12/1 while if the match happens in the second roll then the payout is 8/5. Matches in the last roll will be paid according to 1/1. If not all numbers are matched then the croupier wins. The player can rebet or place a new bet.