With the online casino market getting ever bigger, the deals they are offering to entice you onto their site are getting bigger and better. In this article we offer you the best NetEnt bonus casino guide. Use it in order to learn everything about claiming your bonus offers at sites, listed in our NetEnt casino list.

Often, this is in the form of a fabulous ‘Welcome Bonus’. These are generally deposit bonuses – where you make a deposit and they match it – so you deposit €100 and you get €200 in your account to play. However, once it’s put into your account, you can’t withdraw it again – so how do you get any money back? NetEnt List helps you to wager your casino bonus!

Furthermore, we will in this section present a list of NetEnt casino bonuses, so that you don’t miss any great bonus campaign. It is smart to play your favorite games with extra bonus and/or free spins. In some cases you will have to register an account at new NetEnt casinos in order to claim your bonus. We will, though, also keep you informed on latest loyalty bonus campaigns, offered to you by best NetEnt casinos online.

Casino Bonus

Wagering Casino Bonus – tips

One of the most challenging aspects of becoming a successful online casino player is learning how to wager your bonus. Most online real gambling sites have at least two funding accounts for you – a cash fund and a bonus fund. Note that some also still have different player accounts split per product type, i.e. casino, betting, bingo and poker accounts.

Let’s go through an example. Let’s say that the site that offers you a bonus has only two accounts – with cash and with bonus money. You can then see what money in your account is real cash money, and what is just bonus funds. On every site, you have to play your real money before you can start playing with your bonus fund.

Bonuses generally go hand in hand with both wagering requirements, as well as game restrictions. This means that spending your bonus on different games doesn’t have the same value towards fulfilling said wagering requirement. For example, most bonuses are aimed at slots, so should you use that bonus towards other games – such as Blackjack or Poker, then you will not be contributing as much towards your wagering requirements, so withdrawing the winnings can get tricky.

Bonus Types

There are lots of different bonus types available: deposit, no deposit, cashable and sticky, and it is vital to understand the differences before you claim yours.

Deposit Bonuses

There are firstly deposit and no deposit bonuses. Deposit bonuses require you to deposit a certain amount of money into your account before you can actually activate your bonus. These bonuses can be huge – sometimes offering hundreds of euros to players. However, the bonus generally reflects your deposit, so the more you deposit of your own money, the bigger your bonus. Also, the bigger the bonus, the bigger the wagering requirement.

No Deposit Bonuses

Then there are no deposit bonuses. These are never as big as deposit bonuses – often ranging between €5 to €10. These may not be huge numbers, but at least they don’t require you to part with your own money, as it is already waiting in your account.

Cashable bonuses

Cashable bonuses is a term that is not as popular at NetEnt casinos as deposit and no deposit ones. They are pretty much as they say – cashable. Cashing out this bonus is subject to meeting the wagering requirements on the specified game selections. In other words, each and every NetEnt casino bonus you claim should be cashable. Otherwise, there is no point whatsoever of claiming it.

When you claim one of these it is absolutely essential to read the small print to understand exactly what is required to cash out the cashable bonus. Another point to be wary of is the casino voiding the bonus – and the bonus winnings, should you attempt to withdraw the bonus without meeting the wagering requirements.

Sticky Bonuses

Yet another less popular term at casino sites with NetEnt is sticky bonus. There are two types of Sticky bonuses. The first type can be used to place a bet, but you can’t withdraw it. Winnings from the bonus can be cashed out once you make a withdrawal.

So, if you have a €50 bonus and you win €30, you have €80 to play with – however, you can only withdraw €30. Once this is withdrawn, the bonus is removed. The second type is almost the same, except that the bonus won’t be removed when you withdraw, so you can carry on using it, so is a more desirable offer.

Deposit Bonuses

Bonus on Live Dealer Games

With live casino and live dealer games becoming more popular, some players may prefer a bonus to use in this area. Using a general casino bonus isn’t always a good idea, because you will not often be fulfilling the wagering requirements when playing live dealer games. However, live dealer bonuses are available in certain casinos, although they come at a price.

You can get some big bonuses, but the wagering requirements for these are much bigger than the online slots bonuses. Many times they are asking for a huge 60 – 200 times wagering requirement should you wish to withdraw winnings. Also, you need to see what games contribute more or less to these requirements. So your wagering requirement ultimately depends on what game you play.

For example, in one casino, they offer a live dealer bonus of €200 with a wagering requirement of 20 times. However, different games contribute different amounts to this requirement. Baccarat contributes 25% – which means that if you played your live dealer bonus on this game, you would end up with an 80 x wagering requirement (20 x 4). However, should you play your bonus on Casino Hold’em, worth just 10%, then your total wagering requirement could be 200 times (20 x 10). So the games you play makes a huge difference to how quickly you can cash out.

When wagering requirements are met, winnings are withdrawable. However, many casinos are clear that should you try to withdraw these winnings before meeting the bonus wagering requirements could result in both your bonus and winnings being confiscated. Furthermore, low risk wagering could also cause your bonus and winnings to be declared invalid, and often there is an expiration date. If the wagering requirement isn’t met in that time, then it is no longer valid.

Turnover of Casino Bonus

At all online casinos, whether it be on slot games or live casinos, pretty much all of your bonus awards are subject to that dreaded turnover – wagering requirement. The turnover of your casino bonus is most often set somewhere between 20 to 200 times the amount that you receive.

It is important when you claim any bonus, that you understand exactly how to work out your exact turnover requirement, because you could lose it all should you get it wrong.
If you get a €100 bonus from your welcome offer, which stipulates a 50 times turnover requirement, then this 50 times turnover requirement x 100 bonus means you have to play €5,000 worth of bets using your bonus money before you can withdraw it from your account.

At first instances, it seems like a lot of money, but online casinos need to do this to make their businesses profitable. If online casino made them too low, then they would start making losses. Without this large turnover requirement, the casino would be taking all the risks, so it ensures that all players can get access to the cash, but can only actually withdraw it after meeting very strict criteria.

Bonuses are great to allow you to play those games for free and for longer. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you are getting money for nothing. Online casinos are a business designed to make money, not give it away, so be sure to read the small print before you get playing. In this case, you know exactly what is needed from you in order to turnover your casino bonus. If you consider that your online casino site has fooled you, don’t hesitate to contact a licensing authority and fill in a complaint.