There are many reasons to play slots – the excitement and fun, the flashy features – or to change your life. This is where jackpot slots come into play. Any player out there who wants that big win will no doubt have played their fair share of NetEnt games, simply because they have the best jackpot slots around.

NetEnt slots jackpots like Mega Fortune, Hall of Gods and Arabian Nights are difficult to ignore. Whilst table games aren’t really suited to jackpot hunters – seeing as there are no jackpots to be won, there are other games apart from slots that they might choose to play. So you might find some casinos on our NetEnt list that offer more chances of winning jackpot than just by playing online slots.

Mega Fortune Jackpot Slot

Jackpots online

Before taking a look into NetEnt jackpots, let’s list those ones that you can win online on other real money gambling products.

Online Bingo Jackpot

There’s online bingo – where you can win some mega jackpots; in fact, in 2012 one couple won almost £6m on online Bingo. This is, however, not as much as you can win, when you hit a jackpot on NetEnt games.

Some years ago, when online bingo experienced a real boom, many industry specialists have been anticipating bingo games with jackpots from NetEnt. The management has made a decision to wait with developing bingo software. This decision was totally right, as bingo is not at all as popular anymore.

Online Lotto Jackpots

Then, apart from trying to get rich by playing jackpot slots at casinos online, there is always the online lotto, or lottery. The only real reason to take part in this is to win the jackpot. The winnings here can be astronomical. In the US, in 2016, one lucky ticket won over $1 billion, and in Europe the biggest win was £161.7 million.

None of online casinos can offer you a jackpot of that size, not even NetEnt slots. Note, however, that not all lotto jackpots are available online. When buying your lottery ticket, you have to double-check how legit and big the gambling site really is. They have to be able to pay you that multimillion lotto win, if you manage to hit a super jackpot.

It isn’t just national lotteries anymore though, there are now many online lottery sites offering that same dream of the big life changer. NetEnt slots jackpots are, however, still give you a much better chance of becoming a millionaire at online casino.

Progressive Jackpot Vs Fixed Jackpots

If you played slots online, you know that jackpots are split into two major categories – the progressive ones and the fixed ones. So, what’s the difference between those two? Well, the main one is that the progressive jackpot tends to be even bigger and better. A progressive jackpot is a jackpot that isn’t fixed at a certain amount, and it increases as people play either that game, a group of games or a network of games in different casinos.

The progressive slot jackpot continues to grow and it can reach millions. Once someone hits the jackpot, it resets and starts again. The best part of the progressive jackpot is that winning the big jackpot doesn’t depend on your bet size. You can win the big prize on a €0.20 spin as much as a €50 spin, although the chances of winning are higher on a bigger spin.

The fixed jackpot is a jackpot that is set at a specific amount and doesn’t change, grow or reset. The prize on a fixed jackpot tends to be in ‘coins’ as opposed to ‘real money’ so the amount that you win depends heavily on the amount that you wager. For example, if you win on a €20 spin you would get 100 times more than if you win on a €0.20 spin.

So why would you play a fixed as opposed to progressive? Well, it’s more likely that you’ll win a fixed. The odds are more in your favour. So, if you want to go for the ultimate win, it’s progressive all the way, but if you want a better chance at a pretty awesome with, then go for the fixed. Simple.

Jackpot Contribution on Slots

When you play a progressive jackpot slot, the reason the jackpot grows is because the money you are playing is contributing to the jackpot. Not all of your stake is going towards the prize, but a certain amount is, and it’s pretty important to know exactly how much, because the higher it is, the less chance you have of winning in the base game. In NetEnt’s Divine Fortune, the progressive jackpot takes a 3.7% contribution – so for every €1 you stake, €0.037 will be going towards the jackpot.

Divine Fortune Jackpot Slot

NetEnt Jackpot Games

NetEnt have a vast array of the very best jackpot games around. Their main offering is the record breaking slot, Mega Fortune, which has dropped jackpots of over €11.7m and €17.8m, and in 2015 broke a world record on mobile with a payout of €8.6m. It continues to be one of the most popular for that very reason.

However, it is not the only one. NetEnt also offers the very plush spin off, Mega Fortune Dreams. Then there are the other popular games such as: Arabian Night and Hall of Gods. Those are the pooled jackpot games, but as well as this we have Cosmic Fortune and Divine Fortune.

Pooled NetEnt Jackpots

Pooled jackpot games are the most appealing because millions can be won in a spin. The reason for this is because this ‘pooled jackpot slot’ is linked to many online casinos. For example, Mega Fortune is available at almost 100 NetEnt casinos, and because of this, millions of players play the game with real money and the jackpot contribution from this play sees the jackpot grow.

Mega Fortune: The glitzy slot with the largest online pooled jackpot around. It gives player a taste of what winning might just be like. As well as the Mega jackpot, there are 2 smaller local jackpots. The bonus wheel symbols activate the jackpot game, where you spin the wheel of fortune for a jackpot or coin prize.

  • Mega Fortune Dreams: Based on its successful predecessor, this offers Wild Substitutions, Free Spins with multipliers, re-spins plus a triple progressive jackpot for 3 chances to win big.
  • Hall of Gods: Come face to face with the Norse gods. With the Midgard Serpent as the expanding wild, Odin’s Ravens as the scatter – 3 of which will take you to the bonus game where you can win one of the 3 jackpots by smashing 3 shields with Thor’s hammer.
  • Arabian Nights: Be swept away into the world of the thirteenth century Arabian Nights. This game features wilds, scatter symbols, and most importantly, top notch jackpots to while away those balmy evenings.
  • Cosmic Fortune and Divine Fortune: These may not be pooled jackpots, but it doesn’t mean that they are to be ignored. Cosmic Fortune is the first video slot with an amazing 5 jackpots, including 3 progressive jackpots and 2 fixed. It is packed with features like: the bonus game, free falls, avalanche feature and wild substitutions. Then there’s Divine Fortune which goes back to classical Greece, featuring wild substitutions, falling wild re-spins, a wild on wild feature and a jackpot bonus game with 3 different jackpots. There are thrills aplenty with this one.

RTP on NetEnt Jackpot Slots

The Return to Player on the NetEnt slots basically determines how much money you’ll win back from your wagering. Is it any higher or lower on jackpot slots than ordinary slots? Let’s see. Well, actually there’s not much difference. Most of the RTP’s on NetEnt’s slot games vary between 93% and 98% and neither of those extremes are jackpot games. The RTP’s for the jackpot slots are theoretically:

  • Arabian Nights – 95.6 per cent
  • Divine Fortune – 96.59 per cent
  • Cosmic Fortune – 96.9 per cent
  • Hall of Gods – 95.5 per cent
  • Mega Fortune and Mega Fortune Dreams – 96.4 per cent

So there you go. You might as well give them a spin.

Jackpot Statistics

Slots Jackpot Statistics

So, out of all those NetEnt jackpot slots, progressive and fixed, what are the ones you that payout the most and payout the most often. We have prepared some vital statistics that might help you win millions on NetEnt’s best slot games online:

  • Mega Fortune Dreams: Average jackpot won is €3.8m and pays out approximately every 62 days or around six times per year;
  • Arabian Nights: Average win is €1.06m and this online slot pays out top prize approximately every 112 days or three times per year.
  • Mega Fortune: This NetEnt slot is the original version of Dreams. Average win on them both is pretty much the same. This one pays out €3.5m on average. We have a winner here approximately every 64 days.
  • Hall of Gods: Average win is €5.5m and pays out approximately every 169 days.
  • Divine Fortune: Average win is €89,064 and pays out approximately every 17 days.
  • Mega Joker: Average win is €17,193 and pays out approximately every 32 days.

So there you have it – everything you need to know about hitting the big time with NetEnt’s biggest and best jackpot games. Note that the most popular NetEnt slot with big winnings is still Mega Fortune, even though Hall of Gods has a larger payout on average.

If you are a fan of Mega Fortune, you must understand one important thing. Mega Fortune Dreams is similar to the original version. The maths behind both these NetEnt slots are more or less the same. The reason for NetEnt launching this brand new sequel slot game is simple: to give larger or better casinos an incentive to attract the players. In order to be able to offer Mega Fortune Dreams for casino players, the brand has to sign a special additional distribution agreement with NetEnt.

The logics behind this decision is that if you see that Mega Fortune Dreams version has a larger jackpot, you change site and start playing this slot at one of the casino sites that are allowed having it by NetEnt. This means that you play with the same RTP, but have a chance of winning a larger jackpot. As you can see, keeping an eye on jackpot statistics can help you maximize your top jackpot win.